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Math tutoring is available in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas.  Specializing in but not limited to the following subjects:


College Algebra






Calculus I & II



Finite Math

High School 9-12


Discrete Math

    ( including AP & IB Courses )

Whether you are...

-- a high school student needing a little help with your homework each week
-- a college student reviewing for your first statistics test or the final exam
-- an undergrad trying to get into a specific program
-- a returning student wanting a basic math refresher for the GRE or GMAT
-- or are studying the mathematics section of the SAT prep

Do yourself a favor to make the best use of your study time.  
Get a tutor & get some help!

How am I different from other tutors?

Professional and Knowledgeable

You have plenty to choose from. Teachers.  Engineers.  
Graduate students. But ask yourself these questions. 

--  Will a grad student be more concerned with his schoolwork or mine?
--  Is an engineer going to explain things in a way I can understand?
--  Does your professor answer your questions by just repeating the same sections of the lecture?  The part you did not understand in the first place?

Math Tutoring is what I do.  Over the years I have developed several approaches to explain mathematical concepts in variety of ways.  Sometimes all you need is to think about a problem in just a little different way.

I don't work somewhere else and just tutor on the side for extra cash.  This is my business and I treat it like one.  It's how I make my living, so focusing on the unique needs of each student is very important to me.

Down to Earth

I understand that not everyone wants to get a PhD in math.  Everyone comes from different backgrounds and life experiences.  Many students just want to get through the next statistics chapter, or the next algebra test, or they want to be sure and get out of calculus with a passing grade this time.  Tutoring sessions are structured to meet your needs.  

I've been there

I went to college a little later than some, and I struggled at first.  I understand what it’s like to take a math course on top of other responsibilities (jobs, children, five other classes) and how hard it is to make time for pages of algebra homework or a couple of nice long calculus problems.  And don't forget that Statistics test next Tuesday.   If I can be successful, I know that you can too.

Years of tutoring experience

I can tutor math full time because I am good at it.  Students tell me that I explain mathematical formulas and methods in a way that they can understand.  I don’t use engineering jargon when a simple explanation will do.  I know the tools of the trade. I can help you figure out how to use your graphing calculator.  With more than 15 years of experience, I know where the rough spots are in each course, and can help you prepare for them, which sections of statistics are hard for students, and which geometry rules hang people up.  I can anticipate difficulties and be your guide.

For Parents

One common reason for trouble in mathematics is that students don’t always have time for their homework.  Regular tutoring sessions provide a structured and supportive environment for learning math skills.  Getting assistance from a professional math tutor may prevent the conflicts that naturally arise when the parent and student are struggling and frustrated.  

If your child is in college, math tutoring is a wise investment because it optimizes the time and money spent on tuition.  However, the longer one waits to get help, the lower the return.  Many students with math difficulties attend class for a few weeks and then drop.  The tuition for the dropped course is wasted and the student still needs the math credits.  Tutoring is no guarantee of a passing grade on the first try, but it certainly increases the probability of success.  

For Students

In order to get the most out a tutoring session it is important for the student to know what to expect and what is expected from them.   As a tutor I work with all types of mathematics on a regular basis and can quickly go from college statistics to high school geometry without missing a beat.  

Mathematics is different than most courses because it requires hands-on practice to become proficient at solving the problems (taking good notes is not enough).  Homework is an essential part of passing the course.  To get the most of out of our sessions,  I need you to be prepared with the questions and topics you would like to cover.  If you need it, I can teach you a few sections or a chapter, but that is probably not the best use of our time (or your money).   It works much better if after attending class, you review the material covered, and do as much as you can of the homework.  Then you can narrow down the information to where you are having problems.  Calculus is a wide ranging subject and it is important to be specific about what you need help with.

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